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IllusionCloud is a hosting company offering DDoS protected VPSes, dedicated servers, gameservers and webhosting at low prices with superior market performance. Rust servers, CSGO servers, CS 1.6 servers, FiveM servers, Minecraft servers and webhosting are available on our website in multiple locations DDoS protected by OVH and our custom solution for filtering upto 99,9% of malicious traffic.

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Budget friendly hosting
Custom Anti-DDoS/DoS solution

Preventing Network Disruptions with Our Advanced DDoS/DoS Protection Solutions

What is a DDoS or DoS attack?

A denial-of-service (DoS) attack floods a server with traffic, making a website or resource unavailable. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a DoS attack that uses multiple computers or machines to flood a targeted resource. Both types of attacks overload a server or web application with the goal of interrupting services.
As the server is flooded with more Transmission Control Protocol/User Datagram Protocol (TCP/UDP) or other protocols packets than it can process, it may crash, the data may become corrupted, and resources may be misdirected or even exhausted to the point of paralyzing the system.

A DDoS attack visualized

The principal difference between a DoS and a DDoS is that the former is a system-on-system attack, while the latter involves several systems attacking a single system. There are other differences, however, involving either their nature or detection, including:
Ease of detection/mitigation: Since a DoS comes from a single location, it is easier to detect its origin and sever the connection. In fact, a proficient firewall can do this. On the other hand, a DDoS attack comes from multiple remote locations, disguising its origin.
Speed of attack: Because a DDoS attack comes from multiple locations, it can be deployed much faster than a DoS attack that originates from a single location. The increased speed of attack makes detecting it more difficult, meaning increased damage or even a catastrophic outcome.
Traffic volume: A DDoS attack employs multiple remote machines (zombies or bots), which means that it can send much larger amounts of traffic from various locations simultaneously, overloading a server rapidly in a manner that eludes detection.
Manner of execution: A DDoS attack coordinates multiple hosts infected with malware (bots), creating a botnet managed by a command-and-control (C&C) server. In contrast, a DoS attack typically uses a script or a tool to carry out the attack from a single machine.
Tracing of source(s): The use of a botnet in a DDoS attack means that tracing the actual origin is much more complicated than tracing the origin of a DoS attack.

Why choose our filtering solutions?

We developed an advanced filtering system specifically for game servers to provide gamers with a reliable solution to protect their servers from malicious traffic. Our system is designed to guarantee 99.9% filtering of malicious traffic, allowing gamers to enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions without fear of attacks taking down their servers. We understand the frustrations of dealing with companies that are unable or unwilling to provide effective solutions, and that's why we are committed to providing the highest quality filtering service available.
Our advanced filtering solutions leverage the most cutting-edge technologies to provide unparalleled protection against DDoS and DoS attacks, ensuring your server remains secure with no downtime, no compromises, and no worries.
We have implemented an automated system that captures any malicious traffic that may reach your server. If our filtering solutions fail to filter out the attack, the captured attack will be resolved within 36 hours. This measure allows us to identify the attack vectors used and proactively protect your services from hackers attempting to take them offline.
We are seeing an impressive 99% success rate for malicious traffic filtering on our network. Our custom filtering profiles are tailored to the specific requirements of our network, and are applied internally to ensure optimal performance and latency.
Premium protection gives you the power to protect your online presence from malicious DDoS/DoS attacks. With our Control Panel Firewall, you can quickly and easily apply our custom filtering templates, no need to wait for support from our team.
Put yourself in control and start filtering attacks before they reach your server.

Technologies we use

XDP (eXpress Data Path)

Netfilter packets flow

sFlow (sampled flow)

sFlow explanation

is highly flexible and performant Anti-DDoS solution to filter attacks on our network (and application) level. DDoS-Attacks are filtered automatically, most customers don't even notice an ongoing mitigation.

flowShield statistics

FlowSpec routes
is a way to spread filtering policy using BGP to edge devices for DDoS mitigation.

Firewall control panel

We are devoted to helping our clients protect their servers from malicious attacks by providing them with a custom firewall control panel that enables them to take preemptive measures and safeguard their systems. By giving them the tools to proactively prevent attacks, we are helping to ensure their networks remain secure and their data remains safe.

icon-image Permanent mitigation
icon-image Custom filtering templates
icon-image Zero trust filtering
Firewall control panel